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Purple Paw Protectors Prove Useful

Tyler sporting his Pawz boots

Tyler sporting his Pawz boots

Tyler has found many uses for his new purple Pawz booties.

I had been curious about the balloon-like paw protectors for a while — I am always on the lookout for a dog boot that will stay on and help prevent snow balls from forming around the pads on his paws. An opportunity to try the disposable/reusable rubber boots came along earlier this winter. Kirstin, A friend and fellow dog-lover had bought a pack of 12 large Pawz but only needed four of the boots for her rottweiler. She offered four of the remaining booties to Chris who was looking for a solution to stop her golden retriever from licking a wounded paw. When I mentioned my interest in trying Pawz on Tyler to protect his feet from winter sidewalk salt, I became the lucky recipient of the final set of four boots.

My biggest concern about trying the Pawz boots was thinking that the thick, oversized balloons might be difficult to get on the dog’s foot, but Tyler was very patient as I practiced getting his feet into the rubber booties. Although I can manage to put the boots on Tyler by myself — holding the boot open with one hand and guiding the dog’s foot with the other hand — I do find it very helpful to have another person help with the process.

The boots did not slow Tyler down in the least. In fact, our winter walks took less time when he was wearing the purple Pawz because he no longer limped over the salty sidewalks and spent less time stopping to chew at the snowballs that form on his feet. The rubber boots have not only proven useful for cold and snowy days, but also for wet and muddy days — a great way to keep his feet clean when the mud puddles can’t be avoided. I was so pleased with the first trial set of boots, that I bought my own package of 12 Pawz — a set of four to keep at the cabin for snowshoe walks in the deep snow, a set to keep in the car for dog park adventures, and a set at home for a daily jaunt around the neighborhood.

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