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Hello Gypsy


What’s new at Katzenbarkers in 2010? For starters we are welcoming a new store dog, Gypsy!

Gypsy is an 8-yr-old bearded collie with brown and white markings. She comes to us via Fluffy Dog Rescue in Hartland, WI, and a wonderful foster home in Wonder Lake, IL. Gypsy is one of six beardies rescued from a puppy mill in MO; she is only the second to be placed in a forever home.

Gypsy is still learning the ropes and becoming familiar with the store, but she grows more confident every day. You are most likely to find her relaxing and staying out-of-the-way in her Molly Mutt bed, behind the counter. Gypsy’s favorite part of working at Katzenbarkers is greeting customer dogs who come into the store.


  1. Aubree Lennon says:

    this is just wonderful! i met Gypsy (whom i call Yipps) over Christmas and she is such a gem! i am so happy to see that she is really enjoying her forever home! i know The Lady had a hard time letting her go, it is great to know it was the right move! Those two gals deserve nothing but the best! enjoy her and that sweet little woof bark of hers!

  2. Kris Lennon says:

    You are so professional Ms. Gypsy, I’m so happy that you and Rebecca are forming such at great team! My heart is bursting with pride!
    Your Foster Lady!

  3. Cindy Davis says:

    I had thought this was a sweet dog also until I saw it aggressively go after a disabled woman’s service dog just trying to come through the door to shop. It almost knocked the woman, who uses the dog for mobility purposes, down on the ground! She turned around and left. I had the opportunity to speak with her about it at a later date, and she said that every time she comes to the store that dog comes after her dog, and she is afraid she is going to get knocked down and injured. She didn’t want to go back to the store but it is the only place where she can get the kind of non-allergenic food her dog needs in this area. Even the other dogs in the store pose a threat to her as they won’t stay out of the way when she tries to come in and the store staff don’t do much to help the situation. I am aware that federal law prohibits any person or their pet to interfere with a service animal performing it’s duties and the consequences of this type of interference includes not only a large fine but is considered a felony and could include jail time. It’s wonderful that you have these dogs in your store and that you are able to rescue them and provide such wonderful homes for them, but you do serve your customers there, and their safety and well-being should come first and foremost.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for posting to our website. We would like to begin with a small correction — it was not Gypsy, but another store dog, Zita, who was involved in the incident you describe. Regardless of which dog it is who misbehaves, we try our best to put the store dogs away (in the back office, or behind the counter) when we see them interfering with customer dogs’ shopping experience. Often we secure the store dogs as we see customer dogs approaching the door, but on occasion we are not able to get our dogs to the back room before other dogs enter the store. We encourage customers who want to bring their dog inside to give us a heads-up before entering the store. We will gladly secure the store dogs behind the counter upon customer request.

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