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What to Look for in a Rawhide

Wholesome Hide Rawhides

Wholesome Hide Rawhides

It’s ok to give your dog rawhide if you choose to. However, there are certain qualities to look for in a good rawhide. The Whole Dog Journal (May, 2009) outlined a few of these qualities to look for. It is better to look for a rawhide that is made from one strip of material. Otherwise you can get rawhide made from many different pieces compressed together and then rolled in another piece. The pieces can easily break apart and your dog can potentially choke on them or have other digestive problems from them. A rawhide roll that is made from one piece looks like a continuous swirl.

It is also good to look at the color of the rawhide. Artificial colors are not good for our furry friends. The rawhide should be a white color or a natural color. If it is too white, it could be due to a lot of bleaching, which is also a sign of low quality.

Here at Katzenbarkers we carry Wholesome Hide, which holds up to the high standards of Whole Dog Journal.

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