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Aggressive Chewer?

Every dog has his or her own style of chewing. Some owners’ look tirelessly for a toy to last while others can have a toy for long periods of time. For those owners whom are frustrated because your dog rips up a toy in ten minutes, we have a couple of suggestion for you.

We sell two types of toys that are guaranteed by the manufacturer. The first is called a GoughNut. The GoughNut is a rubber ring that comes in green or black. If your dog chews to the red core, you send it back to the manufacturer and get a one time free replacement. The second toy is a line of three different shapes called Zogoflex by West Paw Design. These are also rubber and will be replaced by the manufacturer one time as well.

If your dog is not into rubber toys we do have some chews that may work for her or him. Beef pizzles are one of our long lasting chews. They do not make a mess on the floor and dogs love them. However, the longest lasting chew we recommend to try is a deer antler. The antlers we carry are naturally shed and come in many different sizes. We have had a lot of positive feedback on both types of chews, and they are a safe and healthy alternative to rawhide chews.

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