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How to get Your Cat to Drink More Fluids

Giving your pet water is very healthful and cats are are easily dehydrated. Sometimes it is hard to get your cat to drink more. Cats love fresh water, so it is good to try and change their water as much as possible throughout the day. I was given a suggestion to keep a water dish near a sink you frequently use and give them a little water every time you use the sink. There are also cat water fountains that you can purchase which filter and aerate water all the time.

There are a few ways in which I have tried to add water to my cats diet. Wet food is a great and healthy way to get fluids into your cat. However, feeding your cat just wet food can get to be expensive. So I supplement wet food into her diet with dry food. What I have found to work on my cat, is to add a little water to her dry food. Sometimes I even crush up one of her favorite freeze dried salmon treats along with the water and dry food, and mix it up to make more of a broth. She really loves that. I’ll even add water to her wet food and mix it together.

These are a few things I have tried, but if anyone else has more suggestions on what has worked for their cats please let us know.

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  1. Linda Milberg says:

    I have had great success at increasing my cats’ water intake by leaving at least one extra water bowl (with two kitties I left out at least two extra bowls) in a room(s) other than where they normally dine. For some reason, they gravitate to the water that is not near their food and I often find the water by their food has not been touched but the other bowl has obviously been visited quite frequently. I think sometimes it’s a bit of lazyness and making water more readily accessible seems to work wonders. Changing the water frequently also helps. It’s worth a try!

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