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NEW: American Natural Premium

American Natural Premium dog food is a new product at Katzenbarkers. We carry ANP Original and ANP Exhibitors Choice (Ultimate in Condition and Coat). As with all the foods we carry, American Natural Premium is made with all natural ingredients, no corn, wheat, or other fillers. All the ingredients come from the USA and the food is produced here in Wisconsin! American Natural Premium was created with quality, nutrition, and price in mind. The simplified packaging saves on cost, making it a great price point for bag size and food quality. American Natural Premium meets the nutritional requirements for all stages of your dog’s life.


  1. Kris Lennon says:

    Hi there Rebecca & Crew
    I have been using ANP for a little over a year now and I really think it is a good food. I would recommend it to anyone, it is a good solid value and the price is great. How are you guys doing? We at Fluffy Dogs On The Go send you all a big hi there! Jake and Mollie keep asking me to drive them up to Wausau to see their great friend Gypsy….Maybe we can work something out soon!
    The Lady

  2. Dr Steve says:

    We use ANP in our kennel of Newfoundlands. This is just plain good food – made by a company that truly cares about nutrition. It is made in Wisconsin. We often get a delivery (we buy by the pallet) and the food is still warm from the oven. Worth a try!

  3. Eva Berg says:

    American Natural Premium is a HORRIBLE dog food! It nearly killed my 2 German Shepherds with horrible loose stool and mounds and mounds of stool with bits of undigested kibble in it. The food smells like plastic.

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