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On one of the recent spring-like days, I was enjoying the daily trek with the dogs in the fields near our house. Everyone was doing their own thing: looking for chippies, digging holes, taking care of business, contemplating life. Suddenly Truman came running toward me with a fairly large stick. “Good boy, Tru, great find in the snow,” I praised him. As he got closer, I realized it wasn’t a stick at all but a deer leg. At first I was upset and tried to get him to release his treasure. Then I realized: this is exactly what I preach in the store everyday. We sell raw bison bones, lamb bones, and beef bones. I’m sure we would sell venison bones, too, if we could get them. Truman was indulging in the biologically appropriate diet for himself. I relaxed and told him to enjoy his prize. Smart boy, that Truman. Of course I wouldn’t expect less from my Border Collie. :-)


  1. Laci Halliday says:

    Very neat article post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…

  2. Beth Schwartz says:

    Oh goodness Jack! That is, well, odd to say the least, but you found it, so it’s yours! Hope you enjoyed that leg.

  3. Beth Schwartz says:

    Whoops! Sorry Truman, I called you Jack. Your male human is my dentist, and he knows I have a dog and am a dog lover big time. When I go for an appointment, we don’t chat about the weather, or gardening, we chat about dogs! He’s told me about the family dogs and it’s always fun to hear what you guys are up to. He always asks me how my little Katie is doing and his assistants always ask to see the latest picture of her. You’ve got a great home Truman, with great Humans. Train them well!

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