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Preparing For Puppy

Shopping For PuppyHere are some items to remember to get when bringing home your new puppy.

  • Puppy food
    Good health starts with good nutrition.
  • Food and water dishes
  • Training treats
    You only need a treat the size of a raisin for training.
  • Treats
    Something a little bigger than a training treat is great for big accomplishments.
  • Dog bed or pad
  • Pet name tag
  • Collar
    You may want to consider a martingale collar if you have an escape artist.
  • Harness
    A harness may be easier for you to teach your puppy how to walk without pulling, and will take the pressure of the puppy’s throat.
  • Leash
  • Doggy pick-up bags
    Don’t forget to pick up after your pup on walks.
  • Safe and appropriate chews
    Frozen raw bones will be good for the puppy’s teeth, soothing to gums when frozen, and a good way to introduce raw.
  • Puppy toys
  • Toy with treat spot
    Try stuffing the treat spot with a good canned dog food then freezing it. It is a longer lasting treat and soothing to your pup’s gums.
  • Treat releasing toy, or more interactive toy for development
    It is important to give your puppy a challenge early on for good mental development.

You may also want to consider:

  • Crate for crate training
    Crates can be a very good training tool, but make sure that your puppy’s crate is used as a safe and comfortable place and not as a place for punishment.
  • Potty training pads
  • Grooming wipes or puppy shampoo for accidents
  • Pet stain and odor eliminator spray
    It’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • A vet
    Establishing your puppy with a vet that fits your lifestyle will bring you peace of mind.
  • Puppy training class
    Puppy class can be a good way to socialize your dog and can give you the tools for training after the class is over.
  • Socialize! Socialize! Socialize!
    It’s very important to expose your new puppy to all walks of life: other dogs, animals and people of all ages.


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