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Preparing For Puppy

Here are some items to remember to get when bringing home your new puppy. Puppy food Good health starts with good nutrition. Food and water dishes Training treats You only need a treat the size of a raisin for training. Treats Something a little bigger than a training treat is great for big accomplishments. Dog [...]

Everybody Farts

Have you ever been relaxing at home when suddenly an awful smell comes creeping up? The room needs evacuation and no one claims up to it. Suddenly a realization comes over you and you know who the culprit is . . . your faithful dog or cat. Just as humans at times your pet can [...]

How to get Your Cat to Drink More Fluids

Giving your pet water is very healthful and cats are are easily dehydrated. Sometimes it is hard to get your cat to drink more. Cats love fresh water, so it is good to try and change their water as much as possible throughout the day. I was given a suggestion to keep a water dish [...]

Aggressive Chewer?

Every dog has his or her own style of chewing. Some owners’ look tirelessly for a toy to last while others can have a toy for long periods of time. For those owners whom are frustrated because your dog rips up a toy in ten minutes, we have a couple of suggestion for you. We [...]

What to Look for in a Rawhide

It’s ok to give your dog rawhide if you choose to. However, there are certain qualities to look for in a good rawhide. The Whole Dog Journal (May, 2009) outlined a few of these qualities to look for. It is better to look for a rawhide that is made from one strip of material. Otherwise [...]