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Riding in Comfort

Tyler and Gypsy have been doing a lot of traveling with me recently as we go back-and-forth between Wausau and Madison each week. Tyler has a history of being a very nervous traveler (pacing in the car and drooling), but I’ve found that the addition of dog beds to the back of the car has [...]

How to get Your Cat to Drink More Fluids

Giving your pet water is very healthful and cats are are easily dehydrated. Sometimes it is hard to get your cat to drink more. Cats love fresh water, so it is good to try and change their water as much as possible throughout the day. I was given a suggestion to keep a water dish [...]

Ready for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Jack (fully in touch with his feminine side) donned his valentine party collar and is on the lookout for that special someone. A note from Jack: “She owes me big time for this!”

Clean Up Made Easy

I had to clean up a lot of dog accidents this past week. I won’t go into the smelly details, but both of my dogs, Tyler & Gypsy, for different reasons, took turns creating doggy messes for me to clean up. Most of these messes were on carpeting. Fortunately, I had some great cleaning products [...]