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Preparing For Puppy

Shopping For PuppyHere are some items to remember to get when bringing home your new puppy.

  • Puppy food
    Good health starts with good nutrition.
  • Food and water dishes
  • Training treats
    You only need a treat the size of a raisin for training.
  • Treats
    Something a little bigger than a training treat is great for big accomplishments.
  • Dog bed or pad
  • Pet name tag
  • Collar
    You may want to consider a martingale collar if you have an escape artist.
  • Harness
    A harness may be easier for you to teach your puppy how to walk without pulling, and will take the pressure of the puppy’s throat.
  • Leash
  • Doggy pick-up bags
    Don’t forget to pick up after your pup on walks.
  • Safe and appropriate chews
    Frozen raw bones will be good for the puppy’s teeth, soothing to gums when frozen, and a good way to introduce raw.
  • Puppy toys
  • Toy with treat spot
    Try stuffing the treat spot with a good canned dog food then freezing it. It is a longer lasting treat and soothing to your pup’s gums.
  • Treat releasing toy, or more interactive toy for development
    It is important to give your puppy a challenge early on for good mental development.

You may also want to consider:

  • Crate for crate training
    Crates can be a very good training tool, but make sure that your puppy’s crate is used as a safe and comfortable place and not as a place for punishment.
  • Potty training pads
  • Grooming wipes or puppy shampoo for accidents
  • Pet stain and odor eliminator spray
    It’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • A vet
    Establishing your puppy with a vet that fits your lifestyle will bring you peace of mind.
  • Puppy training class
    Puppy class can be a good way to socialize your dog and can give you the tools for training after the class is over.
  • Socialize! Socialize! Socialize!
    It’s very important to expose your new puppy to all walks of life: other dogs, animals and people of all ages.


New Salmon Oil Formulas

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are great for your pet’s skin and coat. The best and easiest way to give your pet these essential fatty acids is through animal based fats such as fish oil. Our Alaska Naturals salmon oil is a great example of this. It provides essential fatty acids that you can add to your pet’s dry food.

Recently Alaska Naturals came out with two new salmon oil products. One has added probiotics, the digestive enzymes that help normal gut flora, like in yogurt. Probiotics help with digestion and keep the good bacteria normally found in the gut balanced. The second is salmon oil with added glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM to aid in bone and joint health.

All of the Alaska Naturals items are located in our refrigerator in the back of the store.

Back to Basics

On one of the recent spring-like days, I was enjoying the daily trek with the dogs in the fields near our house. Everyone was doing their own thing: looking for chippies, digging holes, taking care of business, contemplating life. Suddenly Truman came running toward me with a fairly large stick. “Good boy, Tru, great find in the snow,” I praised him. As he got closer, I realized it wasn’t a stick at all but a deer leg. At first I was upset and tried to get him to release his treasure. Then I realized: this is exactly what I preach in the store everyday. We sell raw bison bones, lamb bones, and beef bones. I’m sure we would sell venison bones, too, if we could get them. Truman was indulging in the biologically appropriate diet for himself. I relaxed and told him to enjoy his prize. Smart boy, that Truman. Of course I wouldn’t expect less from my Border Collie. :-)

Everybody Farts

Have you ever been relaxing at home when suddenly an awful smell comes creeping up? The room needs evacuation and no one claims up to it. Suddenly a realization comes over you and you know who the culprit is . . . your faithful dog or cat.

Just as humans at times your pet can be “gassy” but there are a few things you can try to over come the frequency of your pet’s episodes. Many times the reason behind the gas is due to your pet swallowing too much air at mealtime. You can try to split up your pet’s meals into a few smaller ones, and/or you can try a special pet food bowl. We sell bowls called Brakefast. They are designed to make your pet eat slower by having them eat around these cone shaped protuberances in the bowl.

You can also try switching the protein your pet is eating. Every pet’s body chemistry is different and reacts to different proteins in a variety of ways. You can also try giving your dog prebiotics, probiotics, or digestive enzymes that help promote the growth of friendly bacteria like yogurt does. We have a couple of products with the digestive enzymes the first is called Gentle Digest by Ark Naturals. Not only does it help with gas, but is beneficial with a plethora of things. The second product we have with digestive enzymes is a treat called Fart Busters.

Finally it is good for your pet to have a lot of exercise. Not only will they be letting it out outdoors, but exercise also helps to promote digestion and gets gas to move through the system instead of building up. These are some things you can try, but please check with your vet and make sure that there is not an underlying problem with your pet.

NEW: American Natural Premium

American Natural Premium dog food is a new product at Katzenbarkers. We carry ANP Original and ANP Exhibitors Choice (Ultimate in Condition and Coat). As with all the foods we carry, American Natural Premium is made with all natural ingredients, no corn, wheat, or other fillers. All the ingredients come from the USA and the food is produced here in Wisconsin! American Natural Premium was created with quality, nutrition, and price in mind. The simplified packaging saves on cost, making it a great price point for bag size and food quality. American Natural Premium meets the nutritional requirements for all stages of your dog’s life.

Riding in Comfort

Tyler and Gypsy have been doing a lot of traveling with me recently as we go back-and-forth between Wausau and Madison each week. Tyler has a history of being a very nervous traveler (pacing in the car and drooling), but I’ve found that the addition of dog beds to the back of the car has helped Tyler to relax during longer road trips. Pictured here, Tyler enjoys the repurposed Molly Mutt bed and Gypsy catches up on her beauty sleep in the comfy Dog Gone Smart sherpa bed.

How to get Your Cat to Drink More Fluids

Giving your pet water is very healthful and cats are are easily dehydrated. Sometimes it is hard to get your cat to drink more. Cats love fresh water, so it is good to try and change their water as much as possible throughout the day. I was given a suggestion to keep a water dish near a sink you frequently use and give them a little water every time you use the sink. There are also cat water fountains that you can purchase which filter and aerate water all the time.

There are a few ways in which I have tried to add water to my cats diet. Wet food is a great and healthy way to get fluids into your cat. However, feeding your cat just wet food can get to be expensive. So I supplement wet food into her diet with dry food. What I have found to work on my cat, is to add a little water to her dry food. Sometimes I even crush up one of her favorite freeze dried salmon treats along with the water and dry food, and mix it up to make more of a broth. She really loves that. I’ll even add water to her wet food and mix it together.

These are a few things I have tried, but if anyone else has more suggestions on what has worked for their cats please let us know.

Aggressive Chewer?

Every dog has his or her own style of chewing. Some owners’ look tirelessly for a toy to last while others can have a toy for long periods of time. For those owners whom are frustrated because your dog rips up a toy in ten minutes, we have a couple of suggestion for you.

We sell two types of toys that are guaranteed by the manufacturer. The first is called a GoughNut. The GoughNut is a rubber ring that comes in green or black. If your dog chews to the red core, you send it back to the manufacturer and get a one time free replacement. The second toy is a line of three different shapes called Zogoflex by West Paw Design. These are also rubber and will be replaced by the manufacturer one time as well.

If your dog is not into rubber toys we do have some chews that may work for her or him. Beef pizzles are one of our long lasting chews. They do not make a mess on the floor and dogs love them. However, the longest lasting chew we recommend to try is a deer antler. The antlers we carry are naturally shed and come in many different sizes. We have had a lot of positive feedback on both types of chews, and they are a safe and healthy alternative to rawhide chews.

Ready for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Jack (fully in touch with his feminine side) donned his valentine party collar and is on the lookout for that special someone. A note from Jack: “She owes me big time for this!”

Clean Up Made Easy

I had to clean up a lot of dog accidents this past week. I won’t go into the smelly details, but both of my dogs, Tyler & Gypsy, for different reasons, took turns creating doggy messes for me to clean up.

Most of these messes were on carpeting. Fortunately, I had some great cleaning products on hand — Crypton Stain & Odor Remover and Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover — to help with the clean up. Fizzion is a cool new cleaning product that comes in the form of a concentrated tablet. Add the tablet to water to instantly create fizzy cleaning solution that works great on pet stains.

Once the carpets were clean it was time to tackle the two new dog beds. No problem. Both beds have removable, machine washable covers. The Molly Mutt bed is actually just a duvet cover that is stuffed with some old blankets. The “stuff sack” inner lining makes it very easy to remove the duvet cover for washing. And the Dog Gone Good Sherpa bed looks like new after its first machine washing.